“This book is gold dust.”Daniel Brown CEO

no nonsense
and terrific value!” Partner Global Telco consultancy

“At last some real help…. ” VP Marketing Director
Global paper manufacturer

“Fun, Fast & Fantastic.
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A revolutionary book on B2B marketing.

How to make your business stand out in the most competitive marketplace
the world has ever seen?

About The BOOK

“The agency was rubbish”... “difficult trading conditions”...
“clients constantly demanding more and paying less”... Yadda-yadda...

Look, I’ve heard all the lame excuses for poor business performance. Some of you will say anything before facing the truth. And what’s the truth? I’ll tell you: ill-defined business decisions, too little planning, too happy with the status quo. Hard to hear? The truth often is.

This book is for MD’s, CEO’s and business owners who know things can be better and are willing to make changes, some fundemental.

In this book I’ll show you how to prepare your business for marketing. In particular, I’ll show you the kind of questions you should ask yourself before spending money or choosing an agency to work with.

Following these guidelines may be a bit painful for some. Others may not agree with everything I’ve written. That’s okay.

However, you will see a change and it will be positive, That I promise you. Some of you might even create a whole new shiny business.

The world has changed and if you dont see that then you have a problem. Doing the same things you always did wont get you the same results. The market is more competitive than ever before and will only get tougher. So what are you doing about it?

The good news is that you already have one significant advantage over some of your competitors: you’re reading this web page.

This means you know at some level that things have to change and you’re willing to find out what they might be. That’s 50% of the problem solved right away. Now let’s sort the other 50.

About The Author

Cliff has spent the last 12 years running his own B2B Marketing Agency and building a profile as someone who doesn’t like to mince their words. He will never tell a client what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. (This is of course always with the client’s best interests at heart.)

He has worked with some of the world’s largest brands and advises many global businesses on how to make more money from their brand and marketing initiatives.

“I often see and hear of design & marketing companies spending the client’s money and not really worrying about the actual impact or results.” says Cliff. “However, I also see clients who want quick fix solutions that will generate immediate turnover, but won’t help the business in the long run.

This is often due to the client not knowing what they really want and the design/marketing agency not asking the correct questions or taking the easy option by simply doing what the client requests. In effect, the blind leading the blind.”

I hope this book will help lead to more informed discussions and lead to more succesful outcomes”.


“This book is gold dust. The thoughts are simple, practical and approach marketing from a new perspective. I’ve read huge amounts of so called marketing gurus books.

This one is different. If you are serious about your business, seriously buy this book. A wake up call for all business owners”. Daniel Brown CEO Theknowlist

“This book really reboots your
thinking about marketing.
At last some real help…. Lout de Goeji VP marketing Smurfitt Kappa

”Cliff knows in this new world of "Network Thinking" that "Attention is the Product" and he teaches you how to harness and capture that attention inside a Network or Community before your rivals do and beat you to that happiness relationship which is worth way more than money”. Thomas Power founder of ecademy & serial entrepreneur.

“In the land of marketing bullshit all companies require someone close to de-cipher the jargon. Cliff is that man”. Mark Borkowski Communication stratgist

This book encapsulates a life time of marketing knowledge. It is not only an easy read but really helps to highlight many critical business insights that are so often overlooked in the day to day running of the business. Fun, fast & fantastic. Buy it! James Hodgkinson CEO global software company

"This book captures, in its first pages, what the new economic climate is about...Concise and playful, it will be valuable to companies who take the time to engage with its fundamental tips." Dr Padideh Tosti Investor readiness guru

"If I wrote a book I would want it to be like this! Love it!!" Keith Holdt Investment Executive & Board Director

“Cliff distils over 20 years’ worth of how effective marketing really works and delivers it in thought-provoking questions that really make you stop and think. He knows his stuff and challenges you on the issues you shy away from. An easy read that is straight-talking, no nonsense and terrific value!” Peter Mcmenemy Partner Allolio-Konrad

“Don't let this book fool you. It is about marketing in the same way the Art of War is about the military. It takes marketing as a starting point for its real purpose: a guide to overall business strategy”. Stephen Moffitt, director Plus or Minus Seven

“Fresh, exciting, fun and different. Just what we need these days as a contrast to all the dreary earnest stuff!” Sue Richardson Business book Publisher

Yeah but can you prove it works?

Construction company who followed these rules moved from £1.8 million turnover to £4.2 million projected within first year.

Technology company who listened grew from £1.8 million turnover to £5 million turnover within two years.

Start up food industry company who worked to these rules went from £0 to £650,000 turnover within first year.

Technology company who used these ideas at an exhibition won £500,000 new business.

A Leisure company received over 300,000 pre order units upon entrance to European market.

New energy company who decided that this was a good way forward generated over £36 million new business enquiries.

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